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We all want to be healthier and to live better. But with a busy urban lifestyle it is not always easy, especially when it comes to our daily food intake. 

Here at Happy Grow, we produce one of the most healthy and easy to consume foods - the microgreens. These superfood are packed with nutrients. They are so tasty eaten fresh and uncooked, plus they make any salads, sandwiches, rice or noodle bowl look pretty. Try them in your blended smoothies for a boost of delicious goodness as well! 

Why Happy Grow?

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Imported Non-GMO Seeds

We import our seeds that can grow finest microgreens to you!


Vertical Farming

Preserve the environment by reducing the amount of land required. 

Organically grown

Our microgreens are grown organically, from seeds, water to soil.

water-filter (1).png

Multi-filtration water system

Provide multi-filtration clean water for the crops which is extra-safe for the kids and the family.

Hygienic and clean

We grow our microgreens in a controlled facility that is cleaned every 2 weeks!


About Us

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